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Full-Spectrum Business and Corporate Law Services

Operating a business is so much more complex than providing goods or services and balancing the books. Everything from the initial structure and registration to reorganizations and investments can have a lasting impact on your business’s overall success. Here at Matthews & Jones, LLC, we strive to provide the well-rounded legal support you need to get your business up and running, and to handle any concerns that may pop up over time. For example, setting up a nonprofit is distinctly different from creating a corporation or a limited liability company (LLC). We can help you navigate the planning, structure, and tax requirements to ensure your new business is starting with a solid foundation. Or, if you are looking to acquire another company or are struggling with bankruptcy, we can guide you through the process to make sure every T is crossed and I is dotted. Connect with our Florida law firm for help in Destin, Niceville, Fort Walton Beach, and across the area.

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Business law encompasses services like:

  • Planning, organization, and registration of a new business
  • Mergers, acquisitions, and consulting
  • Distressed asset and workout guidance
  • Bankruptcy and reorganizations
  • Transactions, including real estate, finance, non-compete agreements, trade
  • secret protection, and related
  • Foreign investments and international transactions
  • Nonprofit and charitable organization setup and tax guidance
  • Private equity, venture capital, and investment acquisition support

Areas of Practice

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Distressed Asset and Workout

Because of our extensive experience in guiding developers through several real estate cycles, there are familiar lender patterns involving real estate projects in or nearing default that we can help you identify. There is an opportunity for the implementation of strategies and extensive planning as part of a workout, or in anticipation of, litigation or bankruptcy. Let us help you evaluate your options.

Bankruptcy and Reorganization

In good and bad times, borrowers default on their financial obligations. For those affected, legal representation is critical. Our approach to creditor and debtor rights representation is designed to maximize benefits to clients while reducing legal expenses and litigation risks. We appreciate the value of avoiding litigation with speedy alternative dispute resolution. After a thorough review and analysis of your situation, we develop a tough litigation strategy – while at the same time pursuing a reasonable negotiated settlement.


Business Planning and Consulting

Our corporate practice includes the entire spectrum of business counseling, from representation of businesses from their formation through their growth and to possible sale. We are experienced in counseling companies in all phases of their business practices.

Commercial Transactions

We advise businesses of every size in a wide variety of business transactions. We advise clients on finance transactions, labor and employment, real property, non-compete agreements, trade secret protection, and due diligence related to acquisitions and financing.


Company Formation and Structure

Destin Law has helped hundreds of businesses get off the ground, and we continue to watch these businesses succeed regionally, nationally and globally. When forming a company, it’s imperative to establish the right business entity to operate under. We believe an attorney can best guide you through the process of structuring your company by taking a hands-on-approach. Getting to know you, your business and the goals of your business are both essential and crucial when designing the legal framework of your company.

Foreign Investment/International Transactions

In today’s interdependent world, large businesses are increasingly playing on a global stage. Navigating complex international laws has become ever more important for a thriving company, and is especially important for foreign investment opportunities. The attorneys at Matthews & Jones, LLP can safely guide you through the processes required for foreign investments and international transactions.


Mergers and Acquisitions

Matthews & Jones, LLP represents business owners and buyers in negotiating, planning and guiding corporate mergers and acquisitions. Our team of attorneys can accomplish your goals while keeping your best financial interests in mind.

Non-Profit and Other Charitable Organizations

Non-profit and other charitable organizations all must abide by stringent rules in order to maintain their nonprofit tax status. Matthews & Jones, LLP can be a vital partner in guiding non-profits through the confusing layers of laws regulating them, so they can continue to contribute to our community.


Private Equity and Venture Capital

Successful businesses require sufficient capitalization to ensure long term stability. We provide counsel for businesses looking to secure initial investments by implementing private equity and venture capital transactions. Whether your company’s initial capital is provided by cradle equity (yours and family members’ money) or by experienced investors (venture capital), Matthews & Jones, LLP can help.

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