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The Florida Panther, the state animal of Florida, is a powerful, cunning, and extraordinary animal that uses stealth and strength to prevail in a world of unexpected dangers. Like the untamed wild, the legal system can be perilous for the uninitiated. Experienced and familiar with the “jungles” of the law, the lawyers and staff at Matthews & Jones, LLP stand ready to guide you through the labyrinth of regulations, statutes and case law that comprise the justice system.

However, these beautiful animals offer another, more universal message:

The range of the Florida panther once extended throughout Florida and the southeastern United States, but their diminishing habitat leaves only an estimated 50-70 in the wild, contained in a small swath of south Florida.

These Florida natives are a poignant reminder of our home state’s natural gifts, and their plight is a cautionary tale for all who choose to live and work in Northwest Florida. Today, it is the area’s lifestyle that is the endangered species. We must be vigilant in the prudent development of this remarkable ecosystem, not to destroy the natural surroundings and lifestyle that drew us here in the first place.

For more information about the Florida Panther and field notes about ongoing efforts to reestablish this remarkable species, visit and

Florida Panther climbs live oak tree
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