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Although Destin Law is one of the largest attorney offices based in the Emerald Coast, our firm takes a holistic approach to provide comprehensive legal services for each individual client.

We strive to be more than a traditional provider of legal services by finding innovative and practical solutions to your problems, keeping in mind the entirety of your goals and the needs unique to your situation. Our lawyers are from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences. They are licensed in jurisdictions throughout the Southeast, so we work as a team to utilize that diversity to satisfy your needs in the most efficient manner. 

Because 95 percent of our business comes through word of mouth referral, current and former clients are our best source of new clients and our success is measured by your satisfaction. We value our relationship with each client and consider accessibility with confidentiality critical inside and outside the office.

Let us be the key to solving your legal issues.

An exterior night photograph of the Matthews & Jones law office in Destin, Florida.
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