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Destin Law Goes Green

Each year, precious amounts of energy and material are wasted by businesses across the nation. The goal of Matthews & Jones Goes Green is to proactively reduce waste generated by our business and work practices while reducing overall waste in our community. This includes a dedication to purchase recycled products, such as paper and toner goods. We are committed to decreasing our emissions footprint by incorporating the following policies in our office:

Ways We’re Going Green:

  • Maintaining an electronic document and filing system.
  • Energy efficient light bulbs.
  • Energy Star compliant electronics.
  • Turning lights off in unused spaces.
  • Recycling paper, electronics, office supplies, plastics, cans, and cups.
  • Using dually capable equipment.
  • Utilizing only energy efficient equipment that enable hibernating features.
  • Use of email for document exchange both internally and externally.
  • The use of digital file archiving enabling reuse of  office supplies including  interoffice envelopes, file folders, various clips, file dividers and boxes.
Matthews & Jones - Green Footprint emblem

Links to other web sites related to reducing waste to protect our environment:

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