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Domestic Violence In Family Law

Domestic violence charges are some of the most difficult to deal with, for all parties involved. Due to the relationships between the parties, these cases can carry an emotional stress that isn’t always present in other criminal and family law related charges.

Consequences For Spousal Abuse May Include:

  • Counseling Sessions
  • Batterers’ Intervention Programs
  • Community Service Time
  • Losing The Right To Stay In Your Home
  • Jail Time
  • Court Orders To Stay Away From Your Spouse Or Children
  • Anger Management Sessions
  • Loss of Custody
  • Heavy Fines and Court Fees
  • Revocation of Concealed Weapons Permit
  • Inability to Seal Or Expunge a Domestic Violence Charge From Your Record
  • Enhancement From a Misdemeanor To a Felony

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