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A large percentage of the firm’s litigation practice involves business and commercial disputes. The firm handles everything from small business disputes to large-scale, multimillion dollar litigation. These disputes involve claims of breach of contract, unfair and deceptive trade practices, theft of trade secrets, Uniform Commercial Code violations, breach of warranty, and many others. Litigation is an unfortunate reality in the business world. The Destin Law firm prides itself in assisting businesses in efficiently navigating the litigation.

Banking and Financial Services

Banks and financial institutions today find themselves far more involved in litigation than anyone anticipated just a few years ago. Matthews & Jones, LLP has the experience to handle these challenging times and represents banks and financial institutions in multiple areas of litigation, including real estate foreclosures, defending predatory lending claims, and in Uniform Commercial Code actions.


Successfully obtaining a judgment is not the end of the process for an injured party seeking relief. While Matthews & Jones, LLP is not structured as a traditional debt collector, the firm takes select post-judgment collection matters, in addition to post-judgment collections in matters which the firm initially prosecuted. The firm has experience in locating and collecting against assets of judgment debtors.

Contract Disputes

The business world and much of the dealings between individuals are based on contracts, some are complex and some are simple oral contracts. Despite the best efforts of the parties, contract disputes often result. The firm handles all aspects of contract litigation and assists clients in preventing disputes in the beginning.

Florida Department of Business Regulation Licensing

Many professions require licensure from a governmental agency. In addition other regulated trades, such as alcohol and tobacco sales, also require licenses. In Florida, most professional and trade licenses are regulated by the Department of Business and Professional Regulation, commonly referred to as “DBPR.” Matthews & Jones, LLP represents licensees in the initial licensure process, license compliance, as well as defending license complaints before administrative quasi-judicial bodies.

Non-Compete and Trade Secrets

At Matthews & Jones, LLP, we believe that a company’s most prized assets are its trade secrets and clients. A successful business has worked hard for its clients and labored extensively in developing a successful business practice. We will help you protect your trade secrets and your clients.

Premises Liability

Property owners face risk of liability to those who are injured on their premises. This risk affects both commercial use properties and personal use properties alike. Usually the risk is insured and the insurer steps in to either pay or defend the claim. However, under certain circumstances, the landowner may be left to defend the claim alone. In those situations, Matthews & Jones, LLP stands ready to defend property owners facing premises liability claims with advanced business litigation strategy.

Real Estate Litigation

Much of the firm’s practice is in some way involved with real estate. On the litigation side, it involves construction disputes, title disputes, boundary disputes, pre-construction contract disputes, and breach of contract claims. Real estate is the lifeblood of Florida’s panhandle and Matthews & Jones, LLP is intricately involved is all its aspects.

Tortious Business Interference

The relationships and contractual rights developed during business transactions can have tremendous value. Unfortunately, third parties sometimes interfere with those rights. Matthews & Jones, LLP is experienced in assisting clients in protecting their business and contractual rights from these infringements via personalized business litigation.

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