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All in the Family and All SCOTUS Bar Members

From Left to Right, DC Matthews, Michael Long, Thomas Matthews and Jason Campbell

On March 20th Dana Matthews , partner at the firm Matthews & Jones, moved the admission of a son, nephew, a cousin  and then another son along with six other unrelated lawyers.

Jason Campbell, a solo practitioner in Boston, masterminded the event to celebrate the tenth anniversary of his graduation from Western New England.  He rounded up a mix of friends and relatives for a St. Patrick’s Day road trip to Washington and was one of the relatives moved my Matthews.

“It’s always been a passion of mine to get sworn in to the Supreme Court bar,” Campbell said.  When he first organized the trip two years ago, he called it the Golden Bears, the university’s mascot.  But court officials preferred a more formal name, so it was named for the university.

Laughter in the court was herd as Matthews rattled off the names of his relatives, all second cousins – son Dana Matthews II, a lawyer at his father’s firm; nephew Michael Long, staff attorney at Children’s Legal Services of San Diego; another son Thomas Matthews, general counsel for Texas Southern Land and Minerals; and cousin and Boston Lawyer Campbell.

A spectator clapped, which doesn’t happen often in the court.  Turns out that was another cousin, not a lawyer – one of five other relatives who came to watch.

Chief Justice John Roberts Jr. joined in the merriment: ”Your motion is granted, and your relatives and the other applicants will be admitted.”

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